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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i'm back!!! hehe...MAMAYEV KURGAN.. SANGAT2 CANTIK...

hyepp..ada sape2 rindu kite x... hik2... actually rai rasa penat dari volgo lom ilang agy... montot kebas gile dok dalam bas lebey dr 16 jam...seksa gile weyh... isk2... macam2 posisi dah daku wat ntok tdo dalam bas.. rai rasa dah berpuluh2 kali rai lelap tapi rasa tak sampai2 agy kat destinasi nye.. JAUH GILEEEEEE..... macam2 yang terjadi k... tapi rai akan citer nanti k.. sebab terlalu banyak mende yang berlaku.susah nak citer dalam satu entry je. so kali nie rai akan citer dlu pasal satu tempat yang kitorang sempat pergi kat volgograd nie...

This is a place which closely connected with the events of the Second World War and with the Great Stalingrad Battle – it is the glorified Mamayev Hill with its “memorial complex “To the Heroes of the Stalingrad Battle”.

Prevailing over the main part of the city, Mamayev Hill is marked on the maps as Height-102,0 and it was the main chain in the system of defense of the Stalingrad front. It also turned out to be the key position in the fight for the banks of the Volga. Fierce battles took place here during the last months of 1942. The ground of the hill was plowed up by bombs, missiles and mines. The soil got mixed together with the fragments of metal. This is the place of the numerous human losses… Right here, in the area of Mamayev Hill, on the 2nd of February of 1943 the Stalingrad Battle was finished.

The name of Mamayev Hill, according to the legend, comes from the name of a Tatar military commander Mamay.

jom jalan2..keh2


Along the serpentine, in the ground of the hill, there was made a reburial or the remains of 34 505 soldiers - defenders of Stalingrad, and also there can be found 35 granite tombstones of the Heroes of the Soviet Union, participants of the Stalingrad Battle.

the Square of “Those who Fought to Death”

central monumental sculpture piece “Stand to Death” symbolizing the most difficult period of Stalingrad Battle and representing deeply emotional image of people, who have won over the terrible and treacherous enemy.

At the feet of the sculpture there is a number of slogans such as “Not a single step back!”, “Stand to death!”, “There is no ground for us behind the Volga!”, “Let us not shame the holy memories!”

Ruined Walls

Two ruined walls frame these five-marched stairs. The authors of this project had an idea of building two huge walls forming a corner and joining in perspective – so imagined ruins of the constructions demolished under the long firing and numerous bombing, damaged by the mines and automatic shooting – these walls witnessed the vigorous battles of the winter of 1942-1943. The spirit of the Stalingrad Battle and emotional mood of its participants are expressed in the images of the ruins and sculptural compositions.

Theme of the left wall shows the oath of the Stalingrad Defenders – “Not a single step back!” and the theme of the right wall is the Stalingrad Battle itself – “Moving only forward!” Ruined walls are equipped with the sound system, which plays songs of the period of war, news from the front line and reports of the information bureau.

It is highly impossible to mention everything that has been reflected on the Ruined Walls – so much has been portrayed here.

Square of the heroes...

To the right of the Square of the Heroes there are six monumental double-figured sculptural compositions, which reveal the heroism of the soviet people during the Stalingrad Battle.

Episode 1 – supporting a wounded friend, the soldier calls him to continue fighting the enemy to death.

Episode 2 – a nurse, who is carrying a severely wounded soldier out of the battlefield.

Episode 3 – represents a marine, heading at the tank of the enemy with a bunch of grenades, and by his side there is a wounded soldier.

Episode 4 - a soldier is supporting a deathly wounded officer, who stays in command of the battle.

Episode 5 – a soldier picks up a banner from the hands of a falling wounded standard-bearer in order to continue the battle under the banner.

In front, the Square of the Heroes is framed by a huge supporting wall with a strongly carved drawings on the topic of heroic battle of soviet soldiers and celebration of the victory over the invaders.

Completed in 1967, The sculpture “Mother-Russia calls for!” is a compositional center of the whole ensemble, it represents a figure of a woman (its height is 52 meters), rapidly stepping forward. In her right hand she is holding a sword, which is 33 meters long and its weight is 14 tons. Together with the sword the height of the sculpture is 85 meters. The monument is standing on the 16-meters fundamental base. The height of the main monuments speaks of its grand scale and uniqueness. It is enough to mention that its weight is 8 thousand tons. The monument – a modern interpretation of an image of the antic Nikka – goddess of the victory – calls her sons and daughters to resist the enemy and continue advancing onto it.

The Statue is the centerpiece of the Mamayev Kurgan museum complex in Volgograd, built to commemorate the World War II Battle of Stalingrad, a key turning point in the War. The statue stands atop Mamal Hill, the site of the battle's most intense fighting.

Volgo mmg sgt cantik...

tapi actually banyak lagi story yang rai nak cerita nie..kebanyakan nye yang pahit je la... haha... so nanti rai akan citerkan semuanya next entry k.. malas nak tulis panjang berjela2.. nanti korg jemu lak membaca... hik2..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

MOSCOW to VOLGOGRAD 16 hour journey!!!

909 kilometers or 565 miles or 491 nautical miles
(16-hour journey)

  • Location for Moscow (red)
  • Location for Volgograd (yellow)

GOOD LUCK to all Russian State Medical University's athletes in VolGO GAMES ‘09 and hope that the RSMU contingent plays their best and returns with great achievements in this year’s intervarsity games.

Dis is from RMSA website...

doakan kitorang menang taun nie ek... To all netball players... good luck GIRLS!!!! we can do it!!!!

isk2... tapi rai rasa cuak gak la nak main...wawawaa... camana nie.... xleh jadi nie... YAKIN BOLEH!!!! hik2..... netball game antara game yang terawal.. kitorang dijangka sampai pukul 6-7 pagi... and then first game pada pukul 1.00 petang. da la dok dalam bas 16 jam.. kebas montot!!! isk2...

M2 Handball Team's video...

and 2009 video....

away from 23-26th April 2009... buat insan tersayang.... jangan windu2 daku yer abg... take care coz i care... i will miss u dear.... sob2..xpat la webcam + contact2 5 ari nie.. isk2..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Katak..oh katak...sape nak cium putera katak?? hehe

BA CAK! SUPRISE! keh2... ada sape2 nak goreng katak... meh la amek...keh2... gurau je.. jgn mare yerp... actually nie adalah salah satu experiment physiology... mula2 rai tgk experiment nie... agak pelik la... yela.. before nie tengok cell2 ye bawah microscope... tibe2.. ari ni punya experiment.. lecturer rai p amek sekor katak idup2 then pening2 kan dia dlu dalam satu larutan..(dak rai lupe la larutan pe) keh2.. then bile da pening katak tu...cucuk kaki die kat polistrin...pastu nengok blood vessels dia... sebab experiment nie under chapter heart and blood circulating system...

Katak...bertenang2... daku nak explore pasal kamo je... hik2..

Katak2.. jangan lompat..daku tatotttttttttt........hik2

Focus jangan x focus... khusyuk gile lecturer ku ngah mem focus..haha

Katak sudah pasrah... rela dengan ketentuan yang telah ditakdirkan...

Uhuk2.. nie salah rai la nie.. tak zoom masa amek picture nie... tapi nampak jugak sket2 kan... tapi kalau focus betul2.. mmg nampak blood circulating kat kaki katak nie..dis experiment was really interesting...

Pasni korang cuba la tangkap katak.. pastu bubuh kat bawah microscope... hik2... best!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rindu adik kecikku!!

First of all rai nak ucapkan selamat menunaikan umrah kepada auntie and uncle... moga pergi and pulang dengan selamatnya... amin...

Happy family...

So, masa diorang semua kat KLIA untuk hantar auntie and uncle, rai msg la idzmi... soh amek picture adik rai... rindu sgt2 la... nak2 kat adik kecik rai tu... dah lama tak tgk dia... rai soh idzmi anto pic dak kecik tu kat ym.. hehe.. terkejut gak la rai tgk picture terbaru adik rai ni.. hehe... makin comeyl adikku!! dah tinggi and tak kecik sgt macam dlu... and then rambut dia dah panjang.... nak cium2 je pipi adik rai yang gebu tu!!! rai rindu la kat dia.... sangat2 keletah and cakap pelat.. sometimes rasa sediey gak la sebab tak pat tgk adik2 membesar depan mata.. balik2 tgk muka dah lain...

Bila tengok pic mama and papa rai pulak...rai rasa makin bertambah2 rindu tu...rasa sayu je hati nie... dah lama sangat tak jumpa... wawawawawa....

my sweet little candy... Raisyamimi... miss her so much..

Nie gambar mimi yang dulu... lain sangat2 kan??

Friday, April 17, 2009

sape2 berminat nak lukis potrait anda sendiri???

Hyep... hari nie rai nak citer pasal kawan lama rai... IRFAN FARIS... since sekolah dulu dia mmg sangat2 pandai melukis and kreatif.. lukisan dia mmg umpph!!! mmg sangat2 berbakat. and now... die dah buat blog sendiri.... click sini... kalau nak tengok hasil2 lukisan yang telah dia buat...

credit to irfan.. thanx kawan ku!

Lukisan nie leh jugak korang hadiahkan kat insan teristimewa/tersayang atau pun kawan2.... ada 2 pakej yang irfan tawarkan... satu pakej itam putih and agy satu pakej berwarna.. kalau korang nak tau lebih lanjut la blog dia ok... x silap rai lukisan nie dalam bentuk digital... so apa lagi.. kalau korang minat... contact him ok...

Thanx irfan.... friendship remain and neva can end...


P/s: Attention: Dear RSMU players of VOLGO GAMES'09..TOMORROW, 17/04/09..there will be a contingent gathering at 7 pm DOWSTAIRS( hostel compound) according to SESI BERKENALAN, synchronizing our uni's CHEERS, contingent's NAME, etc. So we wish to see all teams (oher RSMU non-players ALSO ARE VERY WELCOME TO COME AND JOIN US) downstairs at sharp 7pm. BE PUNCTUAL. Guys, all the way to vol-GOLD this 24th of APRIL 2009!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Netball Lioness...RooAAAArr....


Meniaga? haha... actually hari ahad minggu lepas ada event Tamil Cup... mcmana nak cakap ek..ala2.. futsal league kot.. namanya begitu sebab benda nie sempena tamil new year... pasal bola2 nie daku tatau sgt la.. sorry2.. haha..

and then minggu depan kitorang ada intervarsity games kat volgograd... lawan antara pelajar2 dari university2 dalam russia macam Moscow Medical Academy, Nizhniy,Volgo,Moscow Aviation Institute,Kursk and banyak lagi..... volgo nie terletak luar daripada moscow... perjalanan ke sana mengambil masa lebih kurang 16 jam kalau naik bas.... abehla kebas montot... keh2.. kos nak pergi sana pun agak tinggi...

So... kitorang semua kena la menjual something untuk meng"cover" semula kos2 untuk pergi ke Volgo + Jersey.... Bebudak netball menjual economy rice and lauk chicken parathal + chilli chicken + sayur taugeh + cabbage + carrot + dhal + egg sambal+ whipped potato...bebudak handball lak menjual nasi goreng + cekodok pisang + mutton parathal + ayam masak merah.... bebudak futsal pompuan pula menjual satay + popcorn chicken + sausage.. and ada banyak agy stall yang dibuka ari tu.. tapi rai terlupa pula diorang jual apa... hik2...

Basketball 8

Combo 1= 100 rouble, Combo 2= 80 rouble, Combo 3= 160 rouble

Chicken Parathal

Chilli Chicken

Taugeh + Tauhu yang ku masak... haha


Cabbage + Carrot

Egg Sambal

Our stall

weyh2.. nak meniaga ke nak amek gambo... hik2

Amboi aarthi..khusyuk nampak... hik2

Mira,budak futsal tersesat di sini. haha..pi balik la jaga stall ko...haha

Mari2 beli.. beli satu percuma polistrin.. keh2...

Tapi malam before menjual nie...PERGHHHHH.. penat gila ok memasak..... dah la masak dalam kuantiti yang banyak kan... isk2.... lenguh kaki and tangan... masing2 dah dibahagikan tugas untuk memasak apa... kitorang masak sampai ke pagi.... tidur sejam dua je... then dah kena pergi bukak stall.. Rai kena masak taugeh + tauhu and brown sauce untuk whipped potato... taugeh + tauhu tu rai masak sampai 6 trip.. sebab takde kuali yang besor... isk2..

walau pun penat, tapi kitorang enjoy sgt2 masak same2.. then keuntungan pun memuaskan.. thanx kat semua kawan2 netball!!!!